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PPC Shaper provides affordable and results oriented PPC services to global clients. Be successful in online advertising you would need an effective strategy. Unlike other PPC service providers we have 10 years of experience in the ppc advertising industry. We have been helping clients to generate more leads, increase sales and revenue using Google, Bing and Social Media Ads. Whether you need to set up, overhaul or manage an advertising campaign, we can help. 

What is Pay Per Click?

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a pricing model that advertisers have to pay when searchers click your ad to take valuable action like purchase, call and subscription. PPC advertising is one of fastest ways to bring targeted traffic to your landing page. But unlike other traditional methods like TV and print media, PPC advertising gives you measurable and controllable options to improve your Return On Investment (ROI).

PPC Shaper has earned Google partner badge and specializations by fulfilling all requirements. As a qualified online advertising agency, we create, optimize and manage Google Ads accounts. We keep us up to date on Google products and take the necessary exams regularly.

Cut Off Your Management Fees By 60%

PPC Expert You Can Trust

Over the last 10 years, we created, optimized and managed hundreds of Google Ads accounts for diverse industries like retail, legal, business services, ecommerce, real estate and many more. We generated thousands of leads, sales and phone calls through Google, Bing and Facebook advertising. We also saved thousands of advertising dollars by monitoring and optimizing Google Ads. So we’re an expert in Google Ads as well as Microsoft Ads. Our PPC expert will keep your Google Ads account more healthy, profitable and secure. If you are seeking a professional PPC expert to set up and optimize ads, you are the right place. We are ready to help you. From the very beginning, we can build ROI-driven campaigns.

Our talented Google Ads expert can make better strategies based on ads budget, business goal, audience and targeting.


Google Search Advertising

Based on your advertising goals, our expert will develop a creative strategy for search ads to meet your business objectives. We do keyword research and competitor analysis, group effective keywords with theme, create ad groups, write great ads to win, set bid & budget strategy, set keyword match type, add extensions and negative keyword list. Particularly, we can do everything in Google Search advertising.

Local search ads on Google Maps

Remarketing & Retargeting

Remarketing campaign is very an effective strategy of online advertising. It has huge benefits. This type of campaign gives you some fantastic targeting options which lead to increase sign up, boost sales and create brand online. By remarketing campaign, you can easily show ads to the people who have visited your site previously, or you can show ads those who did not complete payment transaction and left the site without fill out the form. We are offering remarketing campaign in our PPC Services area as we have extensive experience in creating and managing remarketing campaign.

Google Display Advertising

We are specialized on Google Display Ads. Spending each cent on Google display Network is very important to us. By leveraging Google Display Network, we can help you to set up, optimize and manage your display ads. To promote brand and create awareness, Google Display Ads would be the best option for your business. Using Google Display Network you can reach immense number of audience with the cheapest price.

Amazon Advertising

We provide Amazon advertising services to increase sales and keep lower ACOS. Our expert will create, optimize and manage your advertising campaign with advanced tactics.

PPC Audit Services

Going through with a deep analysis, we provide smart suggestions for improvement results. We know all important components in Google Ads and other platforms.

Google Shopping Ads

If you’re looking for a PPC expert for shopping ads, we can help you too. We have successfully built, optimized and managed shopping campaign and product feed. To bring positive ROI, take our PPC services. We give special emphasize on sales and revenue.

Facebook Advertising Services

Facebook has become an essential asset for businesses. Social media has great impact on sales and revenue. We provide strategic Facebook advertising services for clients around the world.

Bing Advertising

PPC Shaper is expertise in Microsoft Advertising. We offer keywords research and selection, campaign build and optimize to meet your business goal.

Our Brief Methodology on Pay Per Click Campaign

Information gathering

Defining campaign goal, check website and landing pages, competitor, target audiences, demographics locations, KPI, unique selling point, campaign budget, primary keywords, ad schedule etc.

Develop Strategy

Develop advanced a strategy that include goals, campaign type, keyword, competition, audiences, search volumes, tracking, budget and biding, geo targeting, content, ad copies and more.


Set up campaign according to strategy that includes conversion code, rules, script, product feed, Google merchant center, remarketing list, negative keyword list, ads and extensions etc.

Measure of Success

We provide comprehensive report on conversion, keyword, ad,CPC and CTR etc.

PPC Services

We provide the following PPC services :-

  • Account creation
  • Advanced strategy development with both search and display networks
  • Campaign creation, optimization and management
  • Existing campaign audits and suggestions for improvement results
  • Tracking code implementation for measuring success
  • Keyword research and selection including negatives
  • Landing page creation and optimization
  • Competitor analysis
  • Ad writing and optimization
  • Bid and budget management
  • Remarketing campaign creation
  • Google Merchant &and Shopping ads
  • Feed creation and optimization

Why Choose Us

Campaign strategist

Experienced and Knowledgeable

Focus on return on investment (ROI)

Google Ads Certified

Keep us up to date on Google guidelines

Deliver what we promise

Affordable Price

Ability to meet deadline

24/7 support

Sales and Revenues

We give special attention on sales and revenues while keep your budget less.

Key Benefits of Pay Per Click Advertising


  • Easy to reach the right people at the right time
  • Can be shown ads with text, graphical and video in front of customers
  • Pay after interaction or shown your ads
  • Retarget your existing customers
  • Highly measureable unlike TV, radio and print media
  • Having controlling power on budget and spend
  • Excellent reporting tools


Our Happy Clients

About Us

PPC Shaper provides pay per click advertising, search engine optimization, social media marketing and graphics design services for clients around the world. Our digital marketing expert’s help clients to accelerate growth of ROI (return on investment),  get noticed and build their credibility online.

WhatClients Say

  • Fantastic service provider. We were struggling with our ROI but they produced envious results within deadline. Will take their services again.

    John Anderson
    John Anderson
    Risotto Co
  • I was looking for an AdWords expert to generate leads and reduce cpc cost. I got the ppc shaper through internet. They helped us to generate a lot of leads while reducing cost per click. Highly recommended!

    Lida Smith
    Lida Smith
    Mexin Co

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